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Happy Fall!

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Happy Fall! It’s that lovely time of year when we wake to crisp temperatures, but the sun warms up the afternoon for our walking pleasure.

As Thanksgiving nears, it’s a time to be grateful. Despite the ongoing presence of Covid-19, there is much to be grateful for and look forward to.

We have been fortunate to be able to continue our meetings virtually, enabling us to continue to receive the awesome benefits of being an ABWA member – wonderful learning, financial, and personal opportunities. Every month we have benefited from great speakers on topics that have enhanced our professional and personal journeys. The information shared improves the profitability of our companies, as well as helps to prepare us for the next step in our career.

The Women Together event was an energizing, inspiring morning, jam-packed with amazing takeaways. With the funds from this event, the chapter generously supported 5 of our members’ attendance at the first ever, virtual ABWA National Women’s Leadership Conference.

And personally, we have continued to reach out to and support one another through our various trials, as well as celebrate our victories.

Grateful indeed! These are benefits that the world needs. We each have the opportunity to share these benefits with our colleagues, friends, and family. So, invite them to come and check us out! It’s never too late!

Our chapter meeting this Tuesday will include a national speaker, coach, and author of "So People Say You’re an Asshole: A Book for You, People Who Love You, and People Who Work with You". She’s as fun and entertaining as you might guess from her book title, but she also has an important message about how to successfully bring our business online, something we all deal with in this work-at-home-world.

Additionally, we will welcome a new member to our chapter, learn about another session from the National Conference, and have time to network, meeting new people as well as connecting with existing friends.

And if you haven’t invited someone to attend with you, there is still time.

I look forward to being virtually with all of you on Tuesday!

Gratefully yours,

Janene Ternes President, Maia Chapter of ABWA

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