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We are a vibrant group of women of all ages and backgrounds.  We represent a diverse number of industries and job classifications.  While some own their own businesses, many do not.  As of fall, 2020, about 25% of our members are business owners, 25% are associated in some way with the University of Michigan/Hospital, a few are retired, and the rest run the gamut of occupations.

We meet monthly to learn, share our expertise, and support each another in our journeys.  We continually welcome guests and recruit for new members to keep our group growing and thriving. Our programs include speakers from both inside and outside our membership. Topics cover a wide range of interests relating to personal and professional development.

With our fundraisers Maia Chapter has raised thousands of dollars for our education fund. In alignment with our mission, we use the majority of the educational funds to support our members to attend ABWA National and Regional conferences.

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Our History

Maia Chapter of the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA-Maia) was founded in Ann Arbor in May 1979 by a group of 7 visionary women who saw the benefit of joining together with other women to learn and support one another in their careers and personal lives.   At that time there were 2 other Ann Arbor chapters which both eventually became part of Maia Chapter. 

ABWA Welcome Letter Maia Chapter June 20

2019 National Conference in Kansas City attended by Mary Shindell, Gwen Guy, Sharon Walker, Janene Ternes, Diane Nixon, Mary Ceccanese, Stephanie Reynolds

1981 Regional Conference Chicago - attended by

Judy Bernhardt, Ber Hibbard, Elsie Dupuis Crawford, Renee Borton

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1981 Regional Conference Chicago Judy Be
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Founding Member Silvija Graunds.jpg.png
Founding Member Diana Ipsen.jpg
Founding Member Dorothy Durston 2.jpg
Founding Member Fran Cullin.jpg
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In 1997 Maia Chapter became a member of the Eastern Michigan Council, a group of Michigan-based leagues who meet every 2 months to learn and share ideas to improve the health of our chapters. 


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