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Maia Chapter News

June 2021: District V Vice President Cheryl Blair installs Maia Chapter's 2021-2021 Board using a NASA theme* to describe the responsibilities.

*Thank you for this great idea, District 2 DVP Judy Taylor and District 3 DVP Kathy Schooley!


Congratulations to Maia Chapter's 2021 Awardees!

In a chapter first, the memberships casts their votes virtually during our April chapter meeting

Maia Chapter's 2021 Protegee Award goes to


Shannon C.

Protege Award

Holly W.

Maia Chapter's 2021 Woman of the Year is

Woman of the Year.png

Wiebke H-S

2019-2020 Striving for Best Practices Aw

September 17th, 2020


Rising to the Challenge in 2020!


Maia Chapter has fulfilled the requirements for Striving for Best Practices in League Management.

Congratulations on a job well done...

Congratulations, Janene Ternes!

June 2020 - Special Chapter Meeting

Socially distanced the chapter votes on

Our Nominee for the

Top 10 American Business Women,


Maia Chapter's

Woman of the Year

Congratulations, Sharon Walker!