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2020! New Year! New Me? New Me!

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

New year, new me – I am pretty sure that I am currently not the only person thinking about what I would like to achieve in 2020, and how I am going to get there!

I admit, I’m not into specific New Year’s resolutions. I think it’s just too fluffy to set a goal which is a whole year away - 12 months - 52 weeks - 365 days . . .

Turns out, I am not the only one with that thought. Just came across this article, which states that keeping our motivation to reach our goals is dependent on how our brain categorizes these goals, assigning either "now deadlines" or "someday deadlines."

A “now deadline” comes with a goal that is due within 30 days, or even more effective, within the same month - our brain tells us the deadline is looming and we'll prioritize working on this goal. We won't have time for excuses. Fast progress builds momentum. Short-term pain feels tolerable. We stick to it, we do it!

If, however, that same goal is due in 90 days, or, to come back to new year’s resolutions, in 12 months, our brain will categorize this goal as something we can work on later. Give it a “someday deadline” and we’ll keep telling ourselves that we have enough time, there is no hurry to do anything, and only the really strong among us will follow through with their new year’s resolution…

Conclusion for me: I need to break down my ideas for my 2020 “New Me” into monthly goals, need to design my very own 30-day challenges!

Which brings me to the very event this year that I am looking forward to: Maia Chapter’s Women Together 2020 Fundraiser. “Recalculating! … Do you ever feel like your GPS is broken?” is a theme that really resonates with me, and probably also with many of you. It’s reminding me of the situations where I followed my “inner GPS” and still took a wrong turn, and where it was way more challenging to get back on “my route” than ever imagined… With the amazing speakers on the program I am sure that I will gain new insights. Consequently, I will adjust my path forward to reach my 2020 goals – with the idea of 30-day-challenges, this should be a piece of cake!

My goal for 2020? To bring my skills back into play – either in a new corporate executive leadership position, or as freelance consultant, and as volunteering mentor in Ann Arbor’s start-up scene.

Happy New Year!

Wiebke Hagendorf-Schroeter, Secretary Maia Chapter



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